Pool Activities Schedule


The Hood River Sports Club aquatics center comes eqipped with a 5 lane pool, spa, steam room, sauna and great programs to go with it! Whether it's swimming lessons for your children, lap swim for yourself, or fun recreation for the family, you'll find it at the Hood River Sports Club. If you'd like to sign up for swim club and/or private/group swim lessons, please give us a call at 541-386-3230 or come see our friendly staff at the HRSC Front Desk. Group swim lessons begin at age 3 and up.


HRSC AquaFit Class Descriptions

Our AquaFit class program has varied levels for each members needs. We have been serving our community with the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic class for over 25 years and our members testify the importance of the class to their well-being. With 8 classes a week, our qualified instructors can lead you in a class that is perfect for your level. Read more about the importance & benefits of deep-water exercise routines for the physically challenged, below.

AQUAFIT | This one hour class offers cardio and endurance segments, as well as toning and stretching in the water. Intensity is individualized. You will leave this workout feeling great!

AQUA CIRCUIT | This is a one hour class that requires class participation. A 45 minute class workout with a fun water polo game following. Pool closed during class times.

AQUA ARTHRITIS | A 45 minute class developed for people with arthritic conditions or other physical limitations where joint mobility/flexibility is a problem. Basic aquatic moves to increase or regain range of motion, strength, endurance and balance.

ADULT LAP SWIM | Swimmers must swim in a circular motion to enable more swimmers to use the pool at the same time. 14 years of age and older only. POOL IS ONLY OPEN TO ADULT LAP SWIMMERS.

SWIM LESSONS | Excellent small group instruction. Inquire at the Front Desk for class times and registration. Private and semi-private lessons are also available. Pool closed during class time.

HRSC Kids Swim Class Descriptions

Prepare your children for all the water sports they may encounter living in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge! At the HRSC we put emphasis on your child having fun, building water confidence, and water safety skills. Each child is respected as an individual and encouraged to develop at their own pace. Our instructors work to build confidence and teach lifelong lessons in water safety so that they will learn to love and respect the water. Our swimming lessons are fun, technique focused, and our instructors are dedicated and passionate about teaching children how to swim in a safe and supportive environment.

PARENT/TOT | 6 months to 2 years old, Parent must be in the water with their child.

TEDDY BEAR | 2 to 3 years old, Introduces the younger swimmer to water and emphasizes comfort in the water.

NOVICE | 3 to 4 years old, Child can blow bubbles, comfortable on back in water (with assistance), gets head wet.

PRIMARY | 4 to 6 years old, Child can do front and back float by self, does rhythmic breathing across pool with barbell and flutter kick, no fear of water.

JUNIOR | 4 to 6 years old, Child can “swim” across pool with rotary breathing, flutter kick across pool and back.

ADVANCED JUNIOR | 5 to 6 years old, Child can swim 15 yards on front and back, treads water for 20 seconds

BEGINNER LEVEL 1 | 1 - 6 years and older, Orients non-swimmer to water.

BEGINNER LEVEL 2 | 2 - 6 years and older, Child can do front and back float, front and back flutter kick, jumps into pool.

BEGINNER LEVEL 3 | 3 - 6 years and older, Child can “swim” 15 yards (half the length of the pool), tread water 20 seconds, Junior graduates

ADVANCED BEGINNER / LEVEL 4 | Child can swim length of pool using crawl stroke with rotary breathing, swim 15 yards using back crawl, tread water 30 seconds.

INTERMEDIATE / LEVEL 5 | Child can swim length of pool using crawl stroke, back stroke, or elementary backstroke, does whip kick on front, swims underwater. Must have completed Advanced Beginners.

SWIM CLUB | Child must be able to swim crawl stroke across the length of the pool. This program is designed for the child that has had swim lessons, but not ready to swim alone. Your child will continue to improve their strokes, and have fun at the same time.

Did you know?

WE HAVE Routines for the physically challenged

If you have arthritis or fibromyalgia, deep-water exercise routines can help reduce pain and stiffness in your muscles and joints and generally improve your ability to move pain-free while not in the water. A study published in the “Journal of Aging and Physical Ability” examined senior citizens who participated in 30 minutes of deep-water running twice a week for 12 weeks. Deepwater running was more helpful for improving the balance abilities of older adults than shallow-water exercises.


Deep-water exercise routines are appropriate for both healthy and physically challenged people. The deeper your body is in water, the less weight will be placed on your lower extremities. You can achieve and maintain an aerobic level of activity during deep-water exercise, elevating your heart rate to increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your lungs. You should participate in aerobic activity at least three times a week.

Call HRSC to join in on an AquaFit Class TODAY! 541-386-3230.